Mission Statement  

We will provide an optimistic environment where students are nurtured and engaged in meaningful, challenging work that will prepare them for an ever changing world.

  About The School  


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Nurturing and safe environment
Engaging students through technology and a variety of academic experience
Working on meaningful and challenging work
High expectations for all stakeholders
Optimistic climate
Preparing students for a global society
Esteemed in the community



  •  We believe that when students are provided a safe, clean, and nurturing environment, they will learn and experience academic success.
  • We believe learning stems from a mutual respect between faculty and staff, teachers and students, and school and community.
  • We believe engaging work provides students with a deeper understanding, mastery, and ability to transfer skills to 
    everyday experiences.
  • We believe state standards, student needs, and learning styles are  embedded in the design of engaging lessons.
  • We believe that teachers plan collaboratively to design and to present engaging standards-based instruction using a variety of strategies and models.
  • We believe technological resources are utilized as a tool to support the curriculum in order to promote student success in a technologically driven society.